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If you are in need of great website templates to base your website design on, then you can get access to more than 5000 professionally designed website templates for all your site designs for just $12 a year.   This is great for any website designer or anyone handling their own site design.  You can download the complete site template design after you find what you want in our easy to use categories menu preview and selection system. 

Along with each website template compressed (.zip) file that you download will be included the site template, graphic files, images, HTML files/pages, CSS files, created example/demo pages, and a lot more.  

You get a lot more than website template access, because you get complete web hosting services included too.  This includes Website Hosting, Webmail, Databases, FTP, Backups, Password Protection and Sharing, Full Email services, Free page editing tools, Free design software, Free installs of popular softwares.   ALL included and even more.

Many of the site templates include both a Flash version and a non-flash version of the site design.  It is your choice which to make use of.

All this for just $12 a year.

Need Website Moved?

We will move it for FREE! Yes, we will move your website (including site content, emails, and databases) for FREE if your existing hosting provider gives you a control panel of CPanel. Heck, no matter what, we will try our best to move over everything and make it as hassle free as possible for you within reasonable limits of work. Also, we know what to do so you will have ZERO DOWNTIME, no matter what they tell you. We will make it as easy as possible for you to change hosting providers. You will never know it has moved, except for all the money you will save, and better performance, better control panel, and more features you will get. You will get the BEST HOSTING Administrator Control Panel in the industry, and full features needed for any typical business. Get Started now, and let us do the work.

Need your Domain Name moved too? We will transfer your domain name at the lowest discounted price in the industry, and get you a whole extra year of domain registration for FREE!

All hosting packages get the features listed above on the Splash Image, plus here are a few more things you may be interested in:


  • Unlimited Email Addresses.
  • FREE Site Builder with Templates.
  • FREE e-Commerce Shopping Carts.
  • FREE Domain Privacy with ANY Registrar.
  • FREE install of Popular Software.
  • #1 Control Panel (cPanel).
  • Money Back Guarantee*.
  • Fast Same Day Setup!

New Website?  New to Hosting?

Make Your Own Website for FREE!  FAST and EASY!

BETTER YET! We Will Create A Whole Website For You.
EVEN BETTER, We Will Create TWO Complete Websites For You in different styles and you can choose which to start working with, or make use of both, and even add more later. It is all up to you!

  • FREE install of many Website creation softwares and tools that will allow you to create your own website within minutes.
  • FREE access to online Sitebuilder wizard which already includes templates and is as easy to use as point and click.
  • FREE built-in site editor which allows you to edit any website page as you see it. A What You See Is What You get editor.
  • FREE Built-in text, and file, and code editors all in one place along with your File Manager tool.
  • FULL ACCESS to site and features with or without a domain name. Start your hosting now, design your site for free, and get your domain name later.
  • FREE SSL Certificate usage – no warning messages! Saves you the need to purchase a SSL certificate for secure web pages.
  • FREE Professional Website Templates access that include all the predesigned web pages, navigation, graphic design files (such as photoshop), and CSS and related.
  • FREE Host Domain Name. All the good domain names gone? Get an exclusive Free Host Name now; for example or

You get all the features listed above on the splash page, and much, much more. Get going quickly and easily with our hosting service! You will get all the tools and features that you will need to have a professional looking and functioning website, Email, FTP, Storage, sharing, and without the hard work, lengthy research, and headaches typically involved.

Got a web site designer? Great, he/she will have everything needed to do your site. Nothing is lacking in features when it comes to our hosting services. What about Performance? Not only do we provide you a 99.9% up time guarantee, but FAST performance, and Large server resources, and Excellent Throughput. Most often, you do not get this with even the more expensive hosting providers. When a visitor comes to your site, you need to know your hosting provider is reliable AND so is their service, and you get that reliability with our hosting service. More than 10 years of excellent service and happy customers.

With such low prices, high quality, full features, and free stuff, there is no reason to wait. Become one of our happy customers right now, and enjoy savings year after year. You will love our services. Click here to order now. Plus, with our Money Back Guarantee, your risk is limited. We know once you are a client, you will love us, and stay with us by joining our happy family of customers.